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Video Poker History

The birth of Video Poker stems in large endeavour from, of sustenance, the game of Poker itself but also the invention of trail machines. Appealing to people familiar with the game of Poker as well as those loving of the ease-of-use inherent in slots, Video Poker has create mentally over the years into united of the most popular non-table diversion in casinos, both on land and online.

Beginning in the mid-1970s, around the synoptical time actually as personal machine were being developed and enhanced, Video Card game became a reality when technology fancify advanced and economical enough to combine a CPU with a television-like monitor. As you room imagine, the first Video Card game games at this time symbolise pretty primitive.

As technology change state and industry soul saw the potential of this technology, everyone started getting in on the action. 'Solid State' (referring to the combination of the central processing unit and television-like monitor) Roulette, Horse Racing, and Cards were all for sale at this time and it was Dale Electronic's 'Poker-Matic' that experienced the greatest level of notoriety and success.

When the Fortune Coin Company built a video bell slit machine in 1975, the apparatus was soon alter into a Draw Poker somebody and soared in popularity. Aft the video chip was concoct later in the mid-70s, and after SIRCOMA (which you know today as International Game Technology - STILL a soul in the field!) introduced its 'Draw Poker' in 1979, there was really no swear back.

Video Poker soon became, and remains to this period, a popular fixture in nearly all casino. Less intimidating than regular Cards, yet still involving a certain equal of decision-making while maintaining the ease-of-use of a slot machine, Video Cards appeals to a wide range of casino patrons.

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