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Newbie Video Poker Tips

If you're a newbie, the tips below should help you along the way to a fairly successful round or two of video poker. AQs with any other game in the casino, there are obviously no guarantees with the likelihood of a win when you follow these video poker tips. They are simply good guidelines to follow. The odds of winning video poker will differ from hand to hand, and from game to game. Thus the aim is to use knowledge and strategy as much as possible as you strive to lower the house edge and maybe even get the odds evenly stacked for you.

VideoPoker Tip-1
Try to learn the strategy for Jacks or Better Video Poker before you learn anything about any other video poker game. A good place to start as you seek to learn and improve your game is with Jacks or Better simply because most video poker games are actually based on the tried and true Jacks or Better gameplay. Quickly catch on to the ins and outs of Jacks or Better and you will put yourself a bit ahead of the game, especially as you start to explore other types of video poker games.

VideoPoker Tip-2
Games with big bonus payoffs tend to have more volatile short-term results. Volatile meaning you could win big at one hand, but you could also lose big as well. It can be a real rocky ride at times. Again, if you don't think you can handle the potential big swings in fortune, stick to Jacks or Better. If you would rather play a game that will most likely give you a good run for your money (even a small investment) instead of risking faster losses in the hope for bigger rewards then you should definitely stick to Jacks or Better.

VideoPoker Tip-3
Compare pay tables before you start playing video poker machines that are comparable. By looking at a machine's pay table, you can quickly tell if it is a high-paying game or if it is a money gobbler. As outlined in our Best Video Poker Odds section, video poker payback percentages can be calculated based on the video poker machines' pay tables which are usually clearly published on the machine glass or video screen. Machines with better payback percentages are clearly a better option for your gambling dollar. Note too, it is not uncommon to see low and high-paying versions of a particular game in the same casino. Don't be fooled because the machines look the same.

VideoPoker Tip-4
Clear your head before you switch from one type of video poker game to another. If you have been playing Deuces Wild Video Poker where a good strategy would be to draw to inside straights, break up two pair (some versions) and never discard a deuce, its tough to make a quick switch to playing Bonus Poker where the strategy of choice might be to draw to inside straights only if they include at least three high cards of a jack or better, never break up two pair and where a single deuce is just another card. Each video poker game has its own strategy, so clear your head before attempting a new game which may require a totally different strategy from what you were using for awhile. Take a walk, have a snack, a cool drink, a spin at the slots then think about your next game.

Non-detailed Video Poker Tips

  • Be on the lookout for straight flush possibilities - be careful not to overlook obvious possibilities that might be in your hand
  • Don't underestimate low pairs - the average payback for keeping a low pair is much higher than the average for keeping a high card
  • Go for the royals - That illusive 10, Queen and Ace actually occurs an estimated once every 40,000 to 46,000 hands depending on the game and the draw strategy you're using. Quite attainable if you play your hands really fast.
  • Get comps and slot club cash - Recouping even a few tenths of a percent of what you wager could add up to some nice pocket change

Capitalize on the video poker tips above, and try your hand for fun or for real money at one of the online casinos below:
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