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Video Poker in Georgia

In a somewhat surprise move, the Georgia Senate voted overwhelmingly back in March-2001 to ban video poker. The ban originally stemmed from a bill that was passed that sought merely to impose tougher restrictions on an industry that has grown quickly in Georgia, especially in border counties, since it was outlawed in South Carolina. However, by a margin of 42-2, Georgia senators amended the measure to ban machines that pay out in cash or prizes, while allowing a long list of games typically found in mall game rooms, arcades and some restaurants, including Skeeball, coin-operated pool tables and pinball machines. Later that year, House members voted 158-12 to rid the state of video poker machines, machines that their critics say are routinely used for illegal gambling.

Interestingly, in early 2002, a Superior Court Georgia judge dealt the state lawmakers a losing hand, overturning the video poker. Later, in a final twist to the saga, the Georgia Supreme Court sided with the lawmakers, saying the people have no constitutional right to own the video games and they were banned.

Will their be video poker in Georgia any time in the near future? Who to tell - in early 2003 a bipartisan group of state House members suggested a return to video poker to help raise tax money (The state faced two straight years of declining tax revenue). Some however say it is unlikely to return given that many Republicans in the GOP-controlled Senate were strong supporters of the ban.

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