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Best Video Poker Odds

The long run odds in Jacks or better are among the best odds that you can get on any game at any time in the casino - which possibly explains why it's so popular among casino lovers everywhere. But how do you find the best video poker odds whether online or in a real live casino?

Best Video Poker Odds - Land Casinos
Possibly the most important thing to do as you see the best video poker odds in Vegas or wherever you may be at, is to analyze the pay schedule of the video poker machines very very carefully. There are numerous variations of video poker, and the video poker machine manufacturers are creating new ones all the time. Some machines have pay schedules that pay back very well, others are simply awful.

Since its clear that all video poker machines were not created 'equally', the key lies in choosing the best one, but how do you find this 'best one'. Reading the machines' pay table allows you to quickly determine exactly how much each will pay you back for your play, and thus makes it quite east to identify the ones with the best odds.

Once you know the machine's pay table, it is pretty simple math to plug in the variables including # of cards in the deck to calculate facts such as how many times you will get a royal flush, straight flush, full house etc and eventually arrive at the machine's exact return rate (usually anywhere from just under 90% to well over 100%). If you're not a 'math brain', there are computer software programs that will do this for you once you have the pay table details.

Finding High Pay Video Poker Machines
Just as you would seek a high playing slot machine, there are certain video poker machines that you don't even have to analyze their paytables to know that their payout will not be particularly high. Video poker machines in offbeat locations such as convenience stores, bars and airport terminals are mostly their to collect your money as you pass the time. They are typically not paying back more than 94 percent. If you're on the hunt for the best video poker odds in Las Vegas or other gambling locations such as the Bahamas and Atlantic City, it pays to wlk around to the various games at the various casins and see what their pay tables are like.

Excellent video poker odds can be had online at these Internet casinos:
24kt Gold Casino
Golden Palace Online Casino
Grand Online Casino
Flamingo Club Casino